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My name is Meenu Maggon and I was born and brought up in India and moved to Sweden in the year 2017. I started paintings as a hobby and then I joined Diploma in arts at "Domen Konstskolan Folketuniversittet" Göteborg Sweden and joined various workshops of arts from "Florence Academy of Arts" Sweden. Domen Konskolan gave me a platform to explore this colourful world and FAA (Florence Academy of arts) guided me on how to train my eyes on the painting of still life and figure from life with various mediums for example charcoal, limited palette etc. India is versatile land and is also known for its traditional arts. Thanjavur painting is a classical South Indian painting style and is very much close to my heart. This art form is characterised by rich and vivid colours, simple composition and glittering gold foil overlaid on delicate gesso work. My Recent exhibition was conducted in Per Engllson gallery in Malmo Sweden in 2021. I believe in the quote "Art speaks when words are unable to explain" I also conduct various workshops and are attended by people from 10 to 70 years